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தமிழ் இராசேந்திரன்
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Humble Request to all Human Rights Activists and Civil Rights Organizations all over the world....
One innocent teen age boy called Perarivaalan , meaning a man of great wisdom, was arrested by Indian police in connection with an assassination case on cooked up statement by police officer, who later on confessed that he falsely prepared documents with a view to get conviction in the case at any cost .He has been in Jail / Prison for 25 years. He was awarded life imprisonment . He never applied for parole all these years. Now his father is in death bed. So, for the first time he applied for parole .Even after the lapse of a month's time, he is not granted parole.
On behalf of humanists worldwide, I hereby request all humane people to support in this matter to help Perarivaalan to meet his father while he is alive...before death....He is in Vellore Prison in Tamilnadu state of India....
I can be contacted via my mobile +919789433344
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